Handling Personal Training Client Objections

Personal trainers always have to battle the perception of being expensive and time consuming. If you are personal trainer by profession, then this perception is not new to you. Sometimes, you are able to convince your prospective client, other times you are not lucky. As a result, you are always at the risk of building your experience as well as your regular flow of income.

So, here are a few tips that will help you brand yourself as a easy going, affordable and interesting fitness trainer.

Have Faith in Yourself

If you are pitching your professional services to a client, appear extremely confident. You may not always know your client, given that they would have called after seeing your advertisement or through word of mouth.

While you are paying close attention to the client’s requirements, make a mental note of the client. If you feel, the client needs some other work out routine, then suggest it politely. In addition, don’t forget to impress them with your personal trainer certifications.

If you know the prospective client beforehand, then take time to chalk out a strategy that will win him or her over immediately. If you feel that their body requires aerobics to start with and not power yoga, then suggest it tactfully.

You can also ask give them the numbers of your earlier clients and the academy where you obtained your fitness certifications. This will give them the assurance that you are a good bet.

Be Ready to Offer Discounts

Personal trainers often face this problem when they meet the clients. When clients say they can’t afford you, don’t be put off by it. Always highlight the necessity for a personal trainer and tell them that you are open to negotiating.

However, don’t make the mistake of agreeing to their negotiations if the price they are ready to pay is too less. Stick to your stand and make it clear that you will not budge after a certain price. If the client sees that you are firm, he or she will relent.

Personal trainer Vs a Gym

Another argument that you will always have to have answers for is that clients feel that a gym is an answer to all their fitness problems. This is your chance to show how you can change their lives quickly. Remember, clients always want quick results. So, show them how with your expertise, they can lost weight faster or become fit quicker – than spending double the time in the gym to reach that goal.

Another benefit that you can give your future clients is that of a diet plan. Gym trainers always give a generic diet plan which is meant for all customers. Whereas, you will be offering a diet plan based on the client’s exercise routine and body weight. Also, many personal trainers offer additional services such as Pilates, Yoga and Zumba. I recently attend a class at Bondi Personal Trainer – Pilates and I must say that I loved it!


If you want to increase you client base, keep building a strong network. You can also do small workshops which will help you sniff out new customers as well as brand your professional services. For more information check out Bondi Personal Trainer on Yelp.