How Many Times a Week Should I Do Boot Camp?

Boot camps are so called not without reason. They make you go through rounds of the most killer workouts and training schedules; similar to that undergone by military recruits at their open-air camps. Although a boot camp session is not as hardcore as standard military camps, the schedule nonetheless is more intense and grueling as compared to your standard gym sessions.

It is therefore important that before finding a fitness boot camp that you understand your own physical condition; how intense your workouts should be and how frequently you should attend.


Why You Should Sign Up for a Fitness Boot Camp 

Crash diets; TV workouts; gym sessions; all these are risky as you are on your own. Tampering with your health without supervision is not really advisable. Moreover, all that flab tends to return once your diet ends or you stop attending the gym.

Boot camps, on the other hand, teach you how to bring about a healthy change to your life in a natural manner that can be sustained for years. At the camps you learn more than just how to exercise correctly.

Boot camp Rushcutters Bay are conducted by instructors who have themselves undergone rigorous training on both the theory and practical of fitness science. They have expert knowledge and invaluable hand-on experience to give you the best in health and fitness.

Your boot camp instructor will begin your session by evaluating your strength and weaknesses and advise you on the best exercises suitable for your condition. You will also understand more about diet and nutrition; how to eat right; select the food group bestyou’re your health; manage your sleep time and so on.

The social network at boot camps is also something to be experienced. The camps are held in groups and you are part of a team. Being surrounded by friends who share your fitness goals makes exercising so much fun that you actually look forward to these sessions every day. Visit  the website for more info.

How Many Days is Safe for You

You can attend your boot camp sessions every day of the week as most of these offer moderate workouts that are easy for all to follow. The camps continue for four to six weeks with each session lasting for an hour. Frequency of your attendance will depend on your fitness goals and present physical capacity. Speak to your instructor to know more about how the classes are spaced and what’s convenient for you.

If you aim to lose moderate weight, try to do at least 150 minutes of moderate boot camp workouts per week. 250 minutes per week of moderate workouts can help you to lose more weight. As long as you don’t binge on calorie-rich food, this frequency should be effective in helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Many boot camps offer more intensity exercises that are part of high intensity interval training (HIIT). If you are doing this, you will definitely be torching tones of calories per session but you will need to rest all that more to allow your body to recover. HIIT should be done maximum twice a week with at least 48hours rest period in between.