How Much Do You Make as a Personal Trainer?

Once you have completed your fitness qualifications you would want to start on your own as a professional personal trainer. While planning your business, one of your prime concerns would naturally be your earnings. You would want to have an idea about how much you can earn initially and eventually down the years.

You may discuss with peers or do a market survey to test the waters but the best thing would be to work out how much you NEED rather than how much you can earn. If you do not earn enough to sustain yourself you will want to quit this profession after a few years.

So always start by understanding your own ambition and then work around to calculating a realistic figure.

Factors that may Affect your Earnings

The first would be your location. If you are working in a remote place and have to travel a lot, you will have to work harder to get clients and spend more on travel.

Secondly would be your education. Completing Certificate IV allows you to work independently as a personal trainer. Anything less and you will have to work as a gym instructor as part of a team.

Specialization is another factor that will have to be considered. A Certificate IV will get you some general clients but if you want to earn more, you must do a specialization course. Such personal trainer courses include training obese people, the aged, athletes, expecting women and children and so on. You can find more information on the Personal Trainer Dubai site.

Lastly, experience does definitely affect your earning. As a newbie you may not earn as per your expectations but as you name and fame spreads, you can hike your charges and expect to earn more.

Also the months preceding and succeeding the holiday season (Christmas to New Year) are likely to be the busiest while the summer months can be lean. So focus on an annual earning rather than your monthly income.

This way you can space out your money so that you can have enough throughout the year. You may also brush up on the latest personal trainer courses during your free time.

How Much Can you Make Annually

On an average, a personal trainer in Australia can hope to earn $30 per hour of training. Keeping this in mind, you can work out a tentative annual income. Suppose you work for 60 hours per week and for 48 weeks through the year (keep 4 weeks for yourself) then you can expect to earn 30 x 60 x 48 = AU$ 86400 per year.

This is a basic calculation and you can certainly hike your income as you gain in experience. Down the year, do aim to complete a specialization course to attract more clients. Also be consistent and professional in your approach even while retaining a personal touch. A great example of this is

Public relation is very important in this industry so do stay connected with your peers, present and former clients, friends and neighbours and even those who did not enroll with you. All this will go a long way in helping you augment your earnings.