Kettlebell Training Is The #1 Way To Get Ripped!

Want a lean, ripped physique?

Getting ripped is a goal desired by many, but to achieve this it takes hard work, commitment and persistence.

Check below for some of the important do’s and don’ts which will help you in your quest for getting ripped.


On the food front

Food is important on the agenda if you want to get ripped. You should eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, as also go in for smaller meals in the day. Smaller meals are easier to digest and will thus not add layers to your midriff. Avoid eating junk food if your goal is getting ripped.


Functional Fitness Training is one of the best ways of getting ripped. You can join a functional training courses or do simple exercises at home such as sit-ups the best abs workout, push-ups and crunches. Another good exercise is ‘˜lean up’.

This can be done by leaning the arms backwards and trying to touch your arms to the floor.

Try this routine around a dozen times. It might prove difficult at first, but you will slowly succeed by persisting. Another good exercise is ‘˜hold up’.

Try holding a few hard-cover books according to the weight you want, and walk around. This exercise will not only improve your biceps it will also strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Aeorbics, swimming, running etc. are other great exercise routines to take up, even lifting of light weights.

If the metabolic rate is high after exercising it means you are burning more energy. Crunches are great for streamlining the abdomen as also a six-day cardio exercise routine. A day’s rest inbetween is required to avoid getting muscle pull or any other injury.

If you have never participated in functional training before, it is natural for you to feel scared and sceptical. After all, military style Sydney boot camps are not supposedly for the faint-hearted who cannot cope up with the strict discipline and bone-breaking schedules of such camps.

However a lot your worries can be put to rest if you do some homework beforehand. Yes, a little preparation and knowledge can go a long way in making your outdoor fitness Sydney experience more enjoyable and absolutely worth it!

Identify the Right Boot Camp 

There are different categories of boot camps that appeal to different sections of people. Some prefer camps that offer extremely rigorous workouts suitable for elite athletes while others prefer a gentler pace and intensity. Other people like to perform kettlebell workouts, kettlebell training has become hugely popular in Sydney in recent years. Choose kettlebell instructor courses that teach you all the foundational exercises for effective training.

Some Sydney kettlebell bootcamps cater specifically to pregnant ladies or new mothers while others are exclusively for the middle-aged. So before enrolling for any boot camp, always clarify if it suits your goal and current fitness level.