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Kettlebell Training Is The #1 Way To Get Ripped!

Want a lean, ripped physique?

Getting ripped is a goal desired by many, but to achieve this it takes hard work, commitment and persistence.

Check below for some of the important do’s and don’ts which will help you in your quest for getting ripped.


On the food front

Food is important on the agenda if you want to get ripped. You should eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, as also go in for smaller meals in the day. Smaller meals are easier to digest and will thus not add layers to your midriff. Avoid eating junk food if your goal is getting ripped.



Functional Fitness Training is one of the best ways of getting ripped. You can join a functional training courses or do simple exercises at home such as sit-ups the best abs workout, push-ups and crunches. Another good exercise is ‘˜lean up’.

This can be done by leaning the arms backwards and trying to touch your arms to the floor.

Try this routine around a dozen times. It might prove difficult at first, but you will slowly succeed by persisting. Another good exercise is ‘˜hold up’.

Try holding a few hard-cover books according to the weight you want, and walk around. This exercise will not only improve your biceps it will also strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Aeorbics, swimming, running etc. are other great exercise routines to take up, even lifting of light weights.

If the metabolic rate is high after exercising it means you are burning more energy. Crunches are great for streamlining the abdomen as also a six-day cardio exercise routine. A day’s rest inbetween is required to avoid getting muscle pull or any other injury.

If you have never participated in functional training before, it is natural for you to feel scared and sceptical. After all, military style Sydney boot camps are not supposedly for the faint-hearted who cannot cope up with the strict discipline and bone-breaking schedules of such camps.

However a lot your worries can be put to rest if you do some homework beforehand. Yes, a little preparation and knowledge can go a long way in making your outdoor fitness Sydney experience more enjoyable and absolutely worth it!

Identify the Right Boot Camp 

There are different categories of boot camps that appeal to different sections of people. Some prefer camps that offer extremely rigorous workouts suitable for elite athletes while others prefer a gentler pace and intensity. Other people like to perform kettlebell workouts, kettlebell training has become hugely popular in Sydney in recent years. Choose kettlebell instructor courses that teach you all the foundational exercises for effective training.

Some Sydney kettlebell bootcamps cater specifically to pregnant ladies or new mothers while others are exclusively for the middle-aged. So before enrolling for any boot camp, always clarify if it suits your goal and current fitness level.

Choosing the Ideal Fitness Training Workout Clothes

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Fitness Training Workout Clothes

Personal trainers are there to inspire clients so that they can reach their health goals in a positive atmosphere; the training programs are based on pure scientific research. The goal of the personal training is to get you in the best shape of your life as quickly and as safely as possible. The exercises will be tough and so you will be asked to move out of your comfort level. Wearing the right kind of workout clothes is sure to make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Summer workout clothing

The ground rule is to avoid wearing clothing that sticks to your body. However comfortable cotton clothes are they are not suitable for personal training workouts as they absorb sweat and cling to the body. When sweat evaporation doesn’t happen, you start feeling uncomfortable and irritated. Choose fabrics such as CoolMax and Supplex as they help clear away the sweat from the body.

How To Build A Lean And Muscular Hollywood Physique

Hollywood is filled with nothing but buff dudes and hot chicks who seem to sport lean legs, big butts, and six pack abs 365 days per year.

It’s crazy how ripped some of these guys are. I mean, when you look at guys like Daniel Craig or Henry Cavill. You have to wonder how they got such amazing physiques. Is it their workout or is it their diet?

I mean, what does it take to look so ridiculously incredible? As FitMole said here, “It takes about 5000 calories if you want to build any respectable amount of muscle…” and it takes about 6 months to see any serious results.

So while getting an amazing physique akin to that of guys like Daniel Craig and whatnot are not impossible, it is really really hard. Are you prepared to give up your favorite foods? Are you ready to work your butt off in the gym?

If not, then you probably don’t deserve a great body, but if you are…then just do it. It is soooo worth it. Check out the Dangerously Fit Personal Training facebook page for some examples of proper fitness attire www.facebook.com/dangerouslyfitpt



How Much Do You Make as a Personal Trainer?

Once you have completed your fitness qualifications you would want to start on your own as a professional personal trainer. While planning your business, one of your prime concerns would naturally be your earnings. You would want to have an idea about how much you can earn initially and eventually down the years.

You may discuss with peers or do a market survey to test the waters but the best thing would be to work out how much you NEED rather than how much you can earn. If you do not earn enough to sustain yourself you will want to quit this profession after a few years.

So always start by understanding your own ambition and then work around to calculating a realistic figure.

Factors that may Affect your Earnings

The first would be your location. If you are working in a remote place and have to travel a lot, you will have to work harder to get clients and spend more on travel.

Secondly would be your education. Completing Certificate IV allows you to work independently as a personal trainer. Anything less and you will have to work as a gym instructor as part of a team.

Specialization is another factor that will have to be considered. A Certificate IV will get you some general clients but if you want to earn more, you must do a specialization course. Such personal trainer courses include training obese people, the aged, athletes, expecting women and children and so on. You can find more information on the Personal Trainer Dubai site.

Lastly, experience does definitely affect your earning. As a newbie you may not earn as per your expectations but as you name and fame spreads, you can hike your charges and expect to earn more.

Also the months preceding and succeeding the holiday season (Christmas to New Year) are likely to be the busiest while the summer months can be lean. So focus on an annual earning rather than your monthly income.

This way you can space out your money so that you can have enough throughout the year. You may also brush up on the latest personal trainer courses during your free time.

How Much Can you Make Annually

On an average, a personal trainer in Australia can hope to earn $30 per hour of training. Keeping this in mind, you can work out a tentative annual income. Suppose you work for 60 hours per week and for 48 weeks through the year (keep 4 weeks for yourself) then you can expect to earn 30 x 60 x 48 = AU$ 86400 per year.

This is a basic calculation and you can certainly hike your income as you gain in experience. Down the year, do aim to complete a specialization course to attract more clients. Also be consistent and professional in your approach even while retaining a personal touch. A great example of this is http://www.personaltrainerdubai.com/courses/kettlebell-instructor-certification/.

Public relation is very important in this industry so do stay connected with your peers, present and former clients, friends and neighbours and even those who did not enroll with you. All this will go a long way in helping you augment your earnings.

How Many Times a Week Should I Do Boot Camp?

Boot camps are so called not without reason. They make you go through rounds of the most killer workouts and training schedules; similar to that undergone by military recruits at their open-air camps. Although a boot camp session is not as hardcore as standard military camps, the schedule nonetheless is more intense and grueling as compared to your standard gym sessions.

It is therefore important that before finding a fitness boot camp that you understand your own physical condition; how intense your workouts should be and how frequently you should attend.


Why You Should Sign Up for a Fitness Boot Camp 

Crash diets; TV workouts; gym sessions; all these are risky as you are on your own. Tampering with your health without supervision is not really advisable. Moreover, all that flab tends to return once your diet ends or you stop attending the gym.

Boot camps, on the other hand, teach you how to bring about a healthy change to your life in a natural manner that can be sustained for years. At the camps you learn more than just how to exercise correctly.

Boot camp Rushcutters Bay are conducted by instructors who have themselves undergone rigorous training on both the theory and practical of fitness science. They have expert knowledge and invaluable hand-on experience to give you the best in health and fitness.

Your boot camp instructor will begin your session by evaluating your strength and weaknesses and advise you on the best exercises suitable for your condition. You will also understand more about diet and nutrition; how to eat right; select the food group bestyou’re your health; manage your sleep time and so on.

The social network at boot camps is also something to be experienced. The camps are held in groups and you are part of a team. Being surrounded by friends who share your fitness goals makes exercising so much fun that you actually look forward to these sessions every day. Visit  the www.rushcuttersbaybootcamp.com.au/personaltrainer/ website for more info.

How Many Days is Safe for You

You can attend your boot camp sessions every day of the week as most of these offer moderate workouts that are easy for all to follow. The camps continue for four to six weeks with each session lasting for an hour. Frequency of your attendance will depend on your fitness goals and present physical capacity. Speak to your instructor to know more about how the classes are spaced and what’s convenient for you.

If you aim to lose moderate weight, try to do at least 150 minutes of moderate boot camp workouts per week. 250 minutes per week of moderate workouts can help you to lose more weight. As long as you don’t binge on calorie-rich food, this frequency should be effective in helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Many boot camps offer more intensity exercises that are part of high intensity interval training (HIIT). If you are doing this, you will definitely be torching tones of calories per session but you will need to rest all that more to allow your body to recover. HIIT should be done maximum twice a week with at least 48hours rest period in between.

Handling Personal Training Client Objections

Personal trainers always have to battle the perception of being expensive and time consuming. If you are personal trainer by profession, then this perception is not new to you. Sometimes, you are able to convince your prospective client, other times you are not lucky. As a result, you are always at the risk of building your experience as well as your regular flow of income.

So, here are a few tips that will help you brand yourself as a easy going, affordable and interesting fitness trainer.

Have Faith in Yourself

If you are pitching your professional services to a client, appear extremely confident. You may not always know your client, given that they would have called after seeing your advertisement or through word of mouth.

While you are paying close attention to the client’s requirements, make a mental note of the client. If you feel, the client needs some other work out routine, then suggest it politely. In addition, don’t forget to impress them with your personal trainer certifications.

If you know the prospective client beforehand, then take time to chalk out a strategy that will win him or her over immediately. If you feel that their body requires aerobics to start with and not power yoga, then suggest it tactfully.

You can also ask give them the numbers of your earlier clients and the academy where you obtained your fitness certifications. This will give them the assurance that you are a good bet.

Be Ready to Offer Discounts

Personal trainers often face this problem when they meet the clients. When clients say they can’t afford you, don’t be put off by it. Always highlight the necessity for a personal trainer and tell them that you are open to negotiating.

However, don’t make the mistake of agreeing to their negotiations if the price they are ready to pay is too less. Stick to your stand and make it clear that you will not budge after a certain price. If the client sees that you are firm, he or she will relent.

Personal trainer Vs a Gym

Another argument that you will always have to have answers for is that clients feel that a gym is an answer to all their fitness problems. This is your chance to show how you can change their lives quickly. Remember, clients always want quick results. So, show them how with your expertise, they can lost weight faster or become fit quicker – than spending double the time in the gym to reach that goal.

Another benefit that you can give your future clients is that of a diet plan. Gym trainers always give a generic diet plan which is meant for all customers. Whereas, you will be offering a diet plan based on the client’s exercise routine and body weight. Also, many personal trainers offer additional services such as Pilates, Yoga and Zumba. I recently attend a class at Bondi Personal Trainer – Pilates and I must say that I loved it!


If you want to increase you client base, keep building a strong network. You can also do small workshops which will help you sniff out new customers as well as brand your professional services. For more information check out Bondi Personal Trainer on Yelp.